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"Sorry to keep everyone waiting. I am now available for anyone’s company that wish to spend time with me."


「Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ」 “Lizzy lets go and do something like shop!”

The blonde gasped as she smiled at her friend. “Oh yes! Shopping is most exciting! We shall shop until we drop and by everything that’s cute and adorable!”

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Ciel had to be lost but he was also pretty out of it. Was he near home at all? Sebastian and him had just saved Lizzy from being kidnapped. But something was wrong with Ciel. He felt his body shiver but he tried not to show it.



Elizabeth walked quietly with Ciel and Sebastian. Memories of what she went through played strong in her head. She wanted nothing more then to escape it all. After awhile, she noticed how quiet Ciel was. “Ciel? Are you alright? You’ve been quiet this whole time. Is something on your mind?”

"Would you like a back massage darling?" He felt bad for her. He wanted to help her relax and lately he wasn’t the only happy person in the house. So was Sebastian who was cuddling with Emily at the moment. Ciel had smiled happy to see him smile.

The blonde nodded to him. It was hard carrying a small being around in her tummy. “Maybe this is a good time to think of names. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet. And when it’s time for me to give birth, we’ll need to name our precious gift from above.” 


Ciel blushed and cleared his throat when Lizzy kissed his cheek. “I-uh, am glad you’re happy..” He blushed as they watched the fireworks.

Sebastian sighed as he served the small sandwiches to go with the tea, he could remember the creation of the fireworks. It was more of an accident if anything else. But the result was the same now as it was then. Humans were awed by being able to throw gunpowder and colorful explosives into the air. Chuckling he witnessed lady Elisabeth kissing ciel’s cheek earning himself a hard glare from the young earl.

Paula smiled, enjoying the show. Both the one in the sky, and the one right in front of her. Lizzy was bold enough to affectionately thank her fiancee for the surprise. She sighed consistently after thanking the butler for the sandwich.

"No thanks necessary, If I can’t provide a worthy small meal while helping the earl plan the surprise what kind of butler would I be?" He smiled at her thanks. It was his job as a butler to think of things like this and his aesthetics as a demon butler to exceed all expectations.

Ciel sighed as he let Lizzy lean against him watching the fireworks take on various shapes and colors. Glad Lizzy was happy as he rested his free hand on hers kindly with a bit more of a blush

The blonde wanted this evening to last forever. If only it could. Elizabeth knew that these were rare moments that she spent with her betrothed. Ciel was usually busy and didn’t have time for her. The girl was lucky to have a few minutes with him once a month. However, this evening tonight was by far the most magical night she had spent with him. 

Elizabeth looked over to Paula and smiled at her maid. She even smiled at the buter dressed in black as well. Despite Paula and Sebastian being different people, it almost felt like the time when they played around in the Phantomhive backyard. Ciel and Elizabeth were little as they chased each other around. They both had smiles that seemed like they’d never fade. They’d also be in the company of Ciel’s parents who watch them play around. They’d even join in on their laughter.

As the blonde looked up at the sky, she felt Ciel’s hand rest over hers. She smiled to herself liking that gesture alot. She was so happy that she was able to share such wonderful moments with him. “I truly do have the best fiance in all of London.”

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